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Patterns and calibration equipment

Universal calibrators for processes. On this page you will find voltage calibrators, current, Pt100 simulators and sophisticated equipment for measuring multiple variables

In the field of electrical resistance calibration we have precision resistances, boxes of decades, etc.



Universal process calibrators

Universal calipers for electrical, mechanical and thermal values. Portable and desktop equipment for field or laboratory work


Calibration device for mechanical values

Calibrators and simulators of load cells, torque, pressure and displacement sensors. Valid for testing press machines, screwdrivers and pressure regulation systems


Calibration and precision resistors

Precision resistors for calibration of measuring equipment. Precisions of up to 0.01% with very high thermal stability


Resistance decades

Wide range of measurement from 10mOhms to 100MOhms with accuracies of up to 0.005%. For calibration of resistance measurement equipment, temperature

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