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Testers for electrical safety tests

The safety regulations of the CE marking force manufacturers of products that are connected to the electrical network to carry out tests in which it is verified that the manufactured equipment is safe both for the users and for the rest of the devices that are connected to the same network.

These tests vary depending on the regulations applicable to each product. On this page you can find systems for tests according to the most common regulations such as EN60335, EN60598, EN60601, EN60204, etc ...

The electrical safety testers perform the following tests:

Earth efficiency test

Dielectric strength test AC / DC

Electrical insulation test

Leakage current test



Comprobador de seguridad eléctrica HAL 104

HAL 104

The most complete equipment in the HAL range, includes all the necessary tests to check the electrical safety as well as perform the functional or power test. Valid for laboratory and long production lines.


Comprobador de seguridad eléctrica HAL LED


Tester to verify the electrical safety of luminaires including LED type, in accordance with the regulations. It has a high resolution power measurement to ensure that the electronic components that make up the luminaire are adequate.


Medidor de rigidez dielectrica Sentinel


The Sentinel series equipment has been developed to offer an economical as well as professional solution to carry out the dielectric rigidity tests both in the laboratory and in the production line.


Comprobador de seguridad eléctrica HAL 103

HAL 103

Hal is an easy-to-use device, valid for production or laboratory tests. It can be used manually or fully automatically.
Performs tests: earth efficiency, insulation resistance, dielectric strength AC / DC.


Medidor de rigidez dieléctrica HAL 101

HAL 101

High performance dielectric rigidity meter with memory to store the results.
Performs the tests of: insulation resistance, dielectric strength AC / DC.


Comprobador de seguridad eléctrica Safetest Manufacturing

Safetest Manufacturing / Safetest Luminaire

SafeTest manufacturing / Luminaire (STM / L) can be used as a simple electrical safety meter with various degrees of automation to work in production lines.


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