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High speed cameras

The evolution in production methods and systems where speed and quality prevail, make it increasingly necessary to use vision systems, capable of observing what happens in the process in real time and at very high working speeds. This is where high-speed cameras become important in the study and analysis of these processes.

Our catalog on high-speed cameras covers a wide range of applications. They are a very useful tool for trials in research and development, sports medicine, analysis of problems in production lines, impact tests in the automotive sector, etc.


Cameras for high speed shooting

Below we show you our catalog of available high-speed cameras, which include standard models for industrial and laboratory applications, as well as our equipment protected against high forces G for shock tests, or our cameras with MIL certification for aeronautical applications.

High-speed video streaming systems

Cámaras de alta velocidad PROMON 501

Promon U750

The Promon U750 system is a system composed of a high-speed camera and AOS Imaging Studio V4 software, which through USB3 connection to the computer allows to easily and quickly capture high-speed sequences with high resolution.


Cámaras de alta velocidad PROMON 501

Promon U1000

The PROMON U1000 offers an exceptional image resolution in the shooting of high-speed videos, reaching up to 1894 x 1264 pixels at 150 fps, 512 x 512 pixels at 1,000 fps.


Cameras without Hi G

Cámaras alta velocidad  S PRI


Especially indicated for the start-up and maintenance of production lines. Robust, easy to use and with internal battery.
Thanks to its LUPA sensor it has an excellent light sensitivity of ISO 3200 (Mono) or ISO 1600 (Color)


Cámaras alta velocidad  Q-PRI


The first high resolution camera of the AOS signature. Up to 3 megapixels at a recording speed of 500 fps.

Also available in Q-Vit version protected against impacts up to 100 + G for shock applications


Cámaras alta velocidad  Q-PRI


Resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with up to 2800 fps combined with a compact design and no fan makes this camera perfect for any application. Research, Broadcast, automotive tests, airbag development tests, etc ...

There is almost no limitation in its fields of application.


Cámaras alta velocidad  Q-PRI


The M-PRI is a camera for filming high-speed sequences with excellent light sensitivity and capable of shooting up to 4,000 fps at full resolution. Different memory options are available while maintaining the same physical characteristics of the camera.


Cameras with Hi G

Cámaras alta velocidad  S MIZE


With a size of 30x32x59mm the Micro-G1 is extremely small and suitable for installation in very small spaces. With the cable connection on the front is the ideal choice when the distance to the object is critical.


Cámaras alta velocidad  S MIZE


Super reduced size for applications where you need to mount the camera in vehicles. Prepared to withstand impacts of up to 100G.
1.3 megapixel resolution and recording speed up to 100,000 fps


Cámaras alta velocidad  S MIZE


The Q-MIZE is especially recommended for applications where a small, compact and robust high-speed camera is required.
3 megapixel resolution and recording speed up to 100,000 fps


Cámaras alta velocidad  S MIZE


The C-VIT is a high-speed camera capable of filming high-speed sequences of up to 20,000 fps. Compact and prepared for the most demanding applications offering clear and high quality images


Cameras with MIL certification

Cámaras alta velocidad  S MIZE


S-MIZE EM is the one designed to work in the toughest conditions. It is equipped with all the functionalities required in aeronautical tests. It also meets the most stringent quality standards such as MIL 810 / MIL 461


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