Products/ Industrial Instrumentation

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Measurement and control equipment

We offer a wide range of equipment mainly aimed at the industrial sector. From simple sensors such as load cells to sophisticated equipment for process monitoring, precision resistance measurement, etc ...



Monitors for pressing control

Monitoring of pressing processes, riveting, crimp, etc. with graphic representation of the force-displacement curve, evaluation windows, several programs available depending on the types of parts


Amplifiers and Indicators

Digital indicators panel or desktop format for easy and quick visualization of variables such as force, torque or displacement


Miliohmeters y Microhmeters

Measurement of electrical resistance for conducting cables, windings, motors, etc. High precision equipment with excellent resolution in the measurement, both for installation in automatic production lines and for laboratory



Precision electrical insulation resistance meters for production and laboratory. Valid for testing of insulating materials and compliance with standards


Electrical safety testers

Testers for compliance with electrical safety regulations EN60335, EN60598, etc. Equipment for tests of dielectric strength, insulation, ground efficiency and functional test

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