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Insatec has been in the market for years offering its customers high quality and precision sensors for many industrial processes and laboratory tests.

Among the most outstanding sensors is our extensive catalog on load cells, and especially the miniature load cells, which are increasingly used by customers, since modern production systems demand sensors with smaller dimensions.

In addition to our load cells, you can also find torque, displacement and pressure sensors on this page.


Células de carga

Load cells

On this page you will find a wide variety of load cells of different dimensions and ranges of measurement for a multitude of industrial processes.
The main fields of application are the measurement of pressing forces, measurement of compression forces in insertion processes or measurement of riveting tension in the automotive sector


Sensores de par

Torque sensors

Insatec offers its range of rotary and static torque transducers, covering a range of 0 - 1Nm up to 5000Nm, with different dimensions, technologies and measurement of angle and speed. The most typical applications are the checking of tightening torques and angle in screw insertion, measurement of the torque exerted by motors and pumps, adjustment of devices in the automotive sector


Sensores de par

Pressure sensors

Sensors for measurements of absolute pressure, relative to atmospheric pressure or differential pressure, with different dimensions and ranges to adapt to all processes, both in industrial environments and in the laboratory.


Sensores de desplazamiento

Displacement sensors

The German brand Burster, specializes in the manufacture of displacement sensors for industrial applications. Within the range of sensors that it presents, it is mainly divided into two technologies, the potentiometric displacement sensors and the inductive displacement sensors. Below are the most important products

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