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Infrared cameras

On this page you will find our range of thermographic cameras from the AVIO firm.

AVIO is a company belonging to the Japanese technology group NEC, resulting from the merger of its two thermography divisions, NEC San and NIPPON AVIONICS, which as of October 1, 2012 are integrated under the commercial signature AVIO.

AVIO is a leading company in the manufacture of thermographic cameras and infrared vision equipment of medium and high range. AVIO is undoubtedly a leader in the sector due to its technological development and innovation as well as its market presence.


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Cámara termográfica VarioCAM HD


The most advanced model on the market, with optical resolution of 3 Megapixels IR, thermal sensitivity of 0.03 ° C and refresh rate of the image up to 240 Hz.


Cámara termográfica NEC Avio R500

NEC Avio R550

Latest technology in UFPA sensors with excellent thermal sensitivity. Thermal imaging camera capable of capturing images with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels IR.



Cámara termográfica NEC Avio R300

NEC Avio R300 SR

Camera with the highest technical specifications and functionalities. Thermal sensitivity of 0.03ºC and accuracy up to 1%. Allows recording of radiometric videos and panoramic images.



Cámara termográfica NEC Avio G120ex

NEC Avio G120 EX

With the NEC G series thermographic cameras, an important step is taken within high performance portable equipment. Simple to operate and with many functions.


Cámara termográfica NEC Avio G100ex

NEC Avio G100 EX

It combines the most demanded technical features in a thermal camera, such as good resolution, sensitivity and autofocus, etc ... but at an economical price.


Cámara termográfica G100MD

NEC Avio Thermo Flex F50

The FLEX F50 is a completely new style in the world of thermal imaging cameras that allows you to separate the camera from the viewer.



Special applications

Cámara termográfica fija Avio TS9260

NEC Avio R300BP-TF

NEC Avio develops the InfRec R300BP-TF model capable of thermographically visualizing through flame. Especially useful for inspection of furnaces, burners, etc ...


Fix-mount cameras


Cámara termográfica fija Avio TS9260

NEC Avio InfREC TS600

The TS600 is a thermographic camera for monitoring industrial processes, refractory control, critical points, etc ...
Especially indicated for petrochemical plants, foundries, environmental studies and safety.




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